Why did I decide to make this website and publish my content here? Well, I want to centralize my content in a single public place instead of posting on Ad-Based social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook which are great for  connecting with people, but unfortunately are designed to maximize viewership, sell advertising, create polarization and clickbait. This creates huge revenue for the social media platforms, but not for the content creators. And of course, it makes users less productive by permanently capturing their attention.

In social media platforms, followers are owned by the platform, and the content creators can't actually connect with their followers outside the platform (for the creators don't have followers email addresses/phone number).

Another reason I want to have my own personal domain is because I want to stay anonymous. These days, someone could get canceled for something they wrote on the internet years or even decades ago. I want to be able to publish content, but keep my identity private.

I want to be able to have control over what gets posted online by me, without having to deal with ads, culture wars, clickbait, and more. I also want to be able to customize the designs, and the best part about having your own domain such as lila.me, combined with an open-source platform such as Ghost.io, is that I can migrate my content and viewers, whenever I want, wherever I want. It gives me more freedom.

There are also so many differerent projects, initiatives, and ideas that I have, and it is much easier to have one place where you can post them all in whatever format you choose.

I still don't know how frequently I'm going to publish, but I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the Subscribe button above, and you'll be notified whenever I post new content.