Hello! Welcome back to my website. If you remember my post called Download My Brushes, this is something simliar. If you haven't read that post, it is a publication where I post all of my Procreate Brushes. You click on the brushes and follow the instructions to download them for free. Today, I am using this post to publish all of the download links for my Procreate Color Palettes (Aka "Swatches").

They are like an eyeshadow palette, but you use the colors on it to draw in Procreate or Procreate Pocket. If you look at the image above at the right side, those are some examples of palettes. So, I am now offering services to make custom brushes and palettes! Just email me at lilateachess@gmail.com and I will reply with a download link for your new brush. All you have to do is tell me what you want. Keep in mind, this is the only post I am going to be using to publish my palettes. I will update this post every time I make a new palette but I will not make a new post. The only other difference between this post and the Procreate brushes post, is that I will not be giving a description of the palettes. You will have to download them and see for yourself! And, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions.

First of all, you will need to download the DropBox App. Then, sign in or create an account. Whrn you have signed in, open this post and click on the name of the palette you want. Next, it will import the file into DropBox. Open DropBox, and click the three dots under the name of the file. Then, scroll down a bit and selext "Export." Now, scroll to the side until you see "Copy To Procreate." There, now you have the palette. Now, open Procreate and make a new canvas. Press the color icon (a big colorful dot on the top right corner) and at the bottom of the sidebar you will see that it says "Palettes." You scroll down, and there it is! Your new palette. At the bottom of all the links, you can use the bold link to download ALL of the palettes at once by following the same instructions you used to download the palettes separately. Without further ado, here are the palettes:

Aesthetic Pastels
Autumn Leaves
Dark Floral
Easter Eggs
In The Woods
Lemon Drop
Light Blossom
Nude Palette
Orange Blossom
Pastel Princess Chic
Peaches & Cream
Pink Lemonade
Pink Shades
Pink Sunset
Purple Rain
Summer Evening
Summer Sunrise
Under The Sea
Veronica's Fall Bouquet
Winter In New York

Use this link to download ALL the palettes:


Well, those are all the palettes I have for now. Make sure to stay tuned because I will be updating this post frequently. Have a great day!