Hello everyone! Welcome back to my website. In this post, I will be posting download links for the brushes I made. Keep in mind, this is the only post I will be using to post the download links for my brushes. At the bottom, you can find some cool facts about all of these brushes! Every time I make a new brush, I will add it to this post and update it. Here are the instructions to get the brushes with the google drive app:

Click on the name of the brush you want. Press "Open in Drive." It will open a google drive file, and it will say "unsupported file type." Then, click the three dots on the top right corner and press "Open In." It will show you several apps, but you have to click "copy to Procreate" or "copy to Procreate Pocket." There, now you have the brush in your brush library! You can find it at the bottom of the library, where it says "imported."

If you don't have the google drive app, here are the instructions for you:

Click on the name of the brush you want. Then, press the small download icon on the top right corner, and it will ask you if you want to download the brush. Click "download." Now, click on the downloads icon above the download icon. It will say, "Example_brush.zip" or something like that. Click on it, and the brush will automatically import to Procreate or Procreate Pocket, whichever one you have. Now, it is at the bottom of your brush library.

So, here are my brushes so far:

Cloud Brush
Star Brush
Highliter Brush
Polka Dot Brush
Dark Rainbow Brush
Adjustable Rainbow
Color Switch
Rainbow Stars Brush
Heart Outline Brush
Rainbow Brush
Wet Brush
Hair Brush

Those are all the brushes I have for now. Now, I am going to share a few things about each brush.

The first brush is the cloud brush. I recently shared a tutorial on how to make it, you can watch it on YouTube or watch it on this website. It is like the cloud brush that comes with Procreate, but softer and a bit more realistic.

Next is the star brush. It is like sprinkles, but with tiny little stars. I was inspired to make it when I was baking and saw those star sprinkes.

After that is the highliter brush. It was actually a copy of another brush made by Bardot Brushes, but I edited it and changed many things. It can be used as a regular marker, or you can lower the opacity and use it as a highliter.

The fourth brush is called the Polka Dots Brush. It just looks like small polka dots. They are randomized, and they look great when the dots overlap. You can tweak the stroke path of the brush and play around with the count and jitter, they change everything!

The next brush is the Dark Rainbow Brush. It changes color as you draw, and you can turn up the jitter and make it a rainbow sprinkles brush! Also, here is the link to see the tutorial for all the rainbow brush pack! Again, you can watch it on YouTube or watch it on my website. Fun fact: The dark rainbow brush also glows in the dark! You can add a black background and see!

The sixth brush is called Adjustable Rainbow. It is just like the rainbow one, but you can pick the color and it will make a rainbow out of all the shades of the color you picked. It is one of my personal favorites. If you want to learn how to make it, you can find it in the Rainbow Hacks video linked above.

This next brush is called Color Switch. Every time you make a new stroke, it changes color! Hint: all the magic happens in "color dynamics!"

Next is the Rainbow Star Brush. It is my new favorite brush! It is just like the Star Brush, but it comes in randomized rainbow colors! It looks absoloutley stunning, exactly like star-shaped sprinkles.

Another one of my favorites is called the Heart Outline. You can make the outline of a heart with just a tap of your finger. You can change the color, size, everything.

The eleventh brush was made my best friend, Gia. She is the one that made the Rainbow Hacks tutorial linked above. The Rainbow Brush was her creation. It is just like the dark rainbow brush, but brighter and more colorful.

The next brush is the Wet Brush. It a brush with soft, wet edges. It is a simple brush, but wet and smooth. The texture is very similar to the Color Switch, but with smoother corners.

My new brush is called the Hair Brush. It is an amazing brush that is hair texture. If you move the brush up and down, it looks like real hair. The shape is basically a variety of differntly shaped dots that look like hair when the spacing is removed.

Well, those are all the brushes I have made for now. Stay tuned, because I will keep updating this post every time I make a brush. Have a great day, I hope you enjoy using my brushes!